Promote the “Mental Health Day”

Burnout in the office and becoming overwhelmed is something that many employees face daily. Attempting to maintain their mental health can be exhausting. Fortunately, adding and accepting a Mental Health Day in the workplace can be positive and reverse the negative stigma surrounding mental health days.  

No Jokes About Mental Health Day 

While there are often lighthearted comments circulating in the workplace regarding the significance of taking a day off for mental well-being, it is crucial to end such humor in work-related settings.  It is important to communicate to your employees that you value and support their need for this time, treating it as a serious and essential matter.   Mental health is equally as vital as physical health and should receive comparable benefits and accommodations. 

Knowing signs and symptoms affiliated with poor mental health in the workplace may bring to light a reality check about your employees and how many may be suffering currently. These symptoms include the following: 

  • Excessive worrying and anxiety 
  • Avoiding others and social situations 
  • Constantly feeling sad or angry 
  • The build-up of anger and resentment at the position 

These are the most common symptoms that develop when someone suffers in their mental health and needs to take a break, even if it is just a day. These symptoms will start to build and can cause significant health issues if they are not appropriately addressed. This is why the “mental health day” that has been adopted by many employers is continuously gaining ground and popularity.  

Refute the Stigma Around Mental Health 

The culture surrounding mental health will only start to embrace it if the stigma surrounding mental health is absolved and drastically reduced.  Embracing mental health and activities that are healthy for all employees will reduce symptoms and signs related to mental health. This will also cut out the stigma that is associated with mental health so that those who are suffering are comfortable speaking out.  

Implement Training 

An additional approach to dispel this stigma is to undergo informative training on mental health and its implications for individuals who are diagnosed. Once you have completed leadership training, it becomes crucial to extend this training to all other staff members, ensuring their understanding of the seriousness and importance of mental health in relation to their well-being. 

Be Inclusive of Everyone 

Those suffering from mental health or struggling may be doing so because they do not feel included or like they are a part of the group. When there are events and celebrations, ensuring that everyone is included and invited will encourage a positive atmosphere and positive mental health.  

Improve Employee Retention 

By creating an environment where employees feel comfortable requesting a mental health day, you can foster a healthier and more supportive workplace for everyone. When individuals have the freedom to prioritize their well-being, it contributes to a more enjoyable and productive atmosphere. Taking care of one’s health becomes a collective effort, benefiting both the individuals and the overall work environment.  

Take a Break and Take Your Mental Health Day 

If you or your employees are facing mental challenges that hinder their ability to perform effectively at work, it is important to encourage them to take breaks and consider taking a mental health day. This growing recognition and acceptance of mental health days have become increasingly popular in the private sector. Many businesses have witnessed positive outcomes in terms of employee well-being and productivity by allowing individuals the opportunity to recharge and prioritize their mental health. 

When employees arrive at work experiencing burnout, stress, and persistent concerns, their productivity decreases and this can have a carryover effect to subsequent days. As time progresses, highly stressed employees will exhibit significantly reduced productivity, which can have consequences across multiple aspects of the business. 

Promoting Mental Health Wellness 

To get everyone on board, allow mental health wellness days as a part of your employees’ benefits. Outlining this time in your package lets them know you support their mental health and maintain their total health.  

If you need additional resources for mental health or want more information on the services offered by Acenda Integrated Health, we are happy to assist. Contact us today for more information.