Acenda Institute of Health Innovation: Informing the Future of Transformational Care

The inception of AIHI stems from the pressing healthcare needs of the present, and focuses on creating a better, brighter future for the communities served. AIHI is comprised of five distinct but strategically connected pillars. These include Applied Research, Policy & Advocacy, Innovation Incubator, Population Health, and the Center of Excellence. Each component focuses on a key area of thought leadership and is designed to have a scalable focus which encompasses a local, state, regional and even national strategy.

AIHI is overseen by an advisory board which includes Acenda’s Chief Officers as well as representatives from academic research institutions, advocacy groups, and national public health organizations. Participation and guidance by both the highest levels of Acenda leadership and key external stakeholders allow AIHI to be fully aligned with general market trends.

AIHI also serve as a development opportunity for emerging leaders within the industry by providing them with participation options which include webinars, white paper development, and even research.