Center of Excellence

Providing leadership, best practices, and training for key areas which directly impact the success, impact and transformation of the behavioral health sector.

At Acenda, we utilize an integrated care model to address the social determinants of health with an emphasis on reducing public health disparities and social inequities. Through AIHI’s Center of Excellence (AIHI), we strive to share our holistic approach to support all communities with a standard of excellence.

Advocating for Strong Families & Vibrant Communities

By sharing our integrated approach with other industry professionals, we seek to expand the use of these proven models in addressing the systemic issues that plague many communities and families. Complete a COE training, download a resource, or participate in an upcoming live event.

Current Trainings

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Positioning Your Agency for Research

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COE Goals


    Ability to offer local, national and international leaders opportunities to strengthen collaborative partnership.


    Create and expand frameworks to address the systemic issues that plague many communities.


    Mental health, substance use, lack of employment, crime, housing, access to educational opportunities, barriers to transportation, trauma impact centered on adverse childhood experiences, child abuse and neglect, maternal health, criminal and juvenile justice or food insecurity.

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COE Certifications

AIHI’s Center of Excellence offers industry best practices and certification trainings to advance your knowledge and your career. 2021 Trainings Coming Soon!