About Us

Ignite Ideas and Accelerate Sector Innovation​

AIHI integrates insights from across Health & Human Services to advance our sector in the areas of Innovation, Population Health, Policy & Advocacy, and Research. Healthcare is shifting so rapidly that it is critically important for key stakeholders to work together and ensure we are keeping pace with the changes.

Educate, Engage, Evaluate, and Empower

The Institute creates a place for providers to innovate and educate via collaboratives, initiatives, strategic partnerships, and sponsorships. AIHI provides programming and mentoring designed to unlock the creative energy of healthcare leaders, staff members, academic institutions, foundation partners, and the community to focus on the common goal of innovation and community health. Creating these opportunities will support long-term sector growth that is sustainable, improves the lives of all members of our local communities, and supports positive health outcomes across the state.

Where Lives Move Forward

AIHI emerged from organic conversations among Acenda’s leadership about the complex needs and changes within our communities and how we as providers need move transformative care forward. AIHI is about real world impact, it is about the lives that we touch every single day—we do this by making sure that everything we do is practical, innovative, and integrated. To learn more about Acenda Integrated Health, visit www.acendahealth.org.