NJ Legislation S2559

The Honorable Philip Murphy, Governor of New Jersey

During the early stages of the pandemic, you and your Administration took strong and rapid action to ensure residents of New Jersey had access to the health, mental health and substance use treatment services they needed during the Public Health Emergency. This included a number of temporary expansions to telemedicine/telehealth law and regulations that improved access to and insurance reimbursement of these services.

When the State of Emergency expires, the provisions authorized under Executive and Administrative Order will likewise expire unless specific action is taken. Legislation awaiting your signature (S2559) will make permanent very critical telemedicine/telehealth provisions.

It is important for this legislation to be signed so consumers and practitioners can confidently move forward knowing they will still have access to essential, often life-saving care via telemedicine/telehealth. This treatment option must remain available at all times to continue to meet the needs of all New Jersey residents, particularly the exponentially increasing demand for mental health and substance use treatment.

This bill had bipartisan support in the State Legislature, having passed both chambers unanimously.

Consumers are in favor of it. Medical and behavioral health providers are in favor of it. Medical/behavioral health advocates are in favor of it.

This bill is important to the well-being of all New Jerseyans and I urge you to sign S2559 into law now.

James Curtin
Chief Business & Government Relations Officer