Acenda Institute of Health Innovation Announce  “Combating the Mental Health and Opioid Epidemics: Policy and Advocacy, Let’s Keep the Momentum Going in New Jersey”

GLASSBORO, NJ (September 12, 2023) – Acenda Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) will host a webinar delving into the pressing issues of mental health and the opioid crisis, focusing on comprehensive policies and effective advocacy strategies.  This virtual event will take place on Monday, October 2nd at 10 a.m.  Our round table panel will consist of: 

Senator Troy Singleton – Dedicated to public service, Senator Troy Singleton fosters years of experience in various government roles. He began his political journey in 2011, winning a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly to represent the 7th Legislative District making him a key leader on this important discussion. 

Senator Anthony Bucco – A dedicated New Jersey Republican leader, Senator Anthony Bucco brings his vast experience and insights to the forefront. With a track record of advocating for robust policies, Senator Bucco’s perspectives will shed light on the critical intersections between mental health and opioid challenges. 

Assembly Leader Lou Greenwald – As an influential figure in the New Jersey Assembly, Leader Lou Greenwald has long championed initiatives to address mental health and opioid issues. His strategic leadership and commitment to change make him a key voice in our discussion. 

Assemblywoman Aura Dunn – With a deep commitment to the wellbeing of New Jersey residents, Assemblywoman Aura Dunn has been an advocate for comprehensive solutions to mental health and opioid concerns. Her unique insights into these issues promise to provide valuable perspectives. 

Attendees will join the esteemed panel in conversation as we further our understanding of the challenges at hand, explore impactful policy approaches, and empower ourselves with effective advocacy tools. Together we can continue driving positive change and building a healthier, stronger New Jersey for all and make a difference in combatting the mental health and opioid epidemics in New Jersey.  

Senator Greenwald expresses, “Few New Jersey families have been left untouched by the opioid epidemic or mental health issues, and this reality drives us in the legislature. I’m looking forward to continuing to address this concern with Acenda and the other attendees during the webinar.” 

We encourage you to register for the free virtual event that will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Monday, October 2, 2023, and take part in the important conversations on children’s mental health. Visit the event webpage for more information.   

“Thank you to Acenda Health for hosting this important discussion and allowing me to participate among such an impressive group of stakeholders,” states Assemblywoman Dunn.  “This webinar and discussion will illuminate the necessary steps we all must take to combat the mental health and opioid epidemics troubling America today. Every one of us has been touched by the impact of this epidemic either personally or through its disastrous effect on a loved one. My sincerest hope is that through this webinar, and others like this, we deliver on a promise to find answers to a plague that rips apart families without remorse. Let’s continually build upon our learnings surrounding mental health and opioid addiction to create substantive progress.” 

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